Residential control services

Why are pests dangerous in residential homes?

  • They can cause structural damage to your home
  • Many pests carry diseases which directly affect humans such as Salmonella.
  • Some types are known to make loud noises which can cause annoyance and disruption.
  • They contaminate foodstuffs within the home.

Pestec UK control provides successful, expert pest eradication and control treatments in residentials settings for various pests e.g. mice, rats ,cockroaches , bedbugs, squirrels etc.

Get in contact with us to discuss how to resolve your pest control issues at a time that suits you. Pestec UK are able to provide sound cost-effective solutions for all your pest problems as well as prevention and maintenance to mitigate any future issues. We also offer our services for tenants residing in rental properties

It's always distressing to have unwanted visitors in your home, Pestec UK can fix the issue at hand.

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