There are two common types of mouse in the UK which require pest management services:

  • House mouse (Mus Musculus Domesticus)
  • Field mouse or wood mouse (Apodemus Sylvaticus).

If you come into contact with one these in and around your house or in a public building then chances are its a house mouse.

These mice are known as "commensal rodents", which refers to them preferring to live with/in close proximity to humans.

Field mice are much more suited to nesting and residing outdoors, however there is a high possibility they will move indoors once the weather gets colder.

House Mice

  • The house mouse has a typical mouse profile: small feet with big eyes and thinly-haired ears, and a pointed snout with thin whiskers.
  • Their body length ranges between 60-90mm, and the tail generally equals the length of its body, adding another 90mm.
  • They weigh less than 25g, and their fur colour is usually light brown and grey, right down to the tail which has scattered hairs on it.
  • They also have a really distinctive and strong smell so it's easy to tell if you have an infestation of these unwanted guests.

Field Mice

  • Field Mice are known to have brown, sandy fur and a much lighter underbelly.
  • As they mainly live in the outdoors they have been adapted to have bigger eyes and ears than a house mouse, this is to avoid predation
  • Field mice also have very long tails, making them agile climbers.