The most well known species of Ant is the Black Garden Ant, in actual fact they are exceptionally dark brown in colour.

Ants have 3 main divisions of their body; their head, thorax and abdomen. These divisions are segmented by narrow waists, they are known to have sharp joints within their antennae.

They are known to be organised and social insects and have worker ants that have the role of occupying buildings in search of food, particularly sweet items that they take back to their nest to feed their queen and offspring.

The majority of Ants can be found in your kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms from outside where their nests are situated, they are coming inside to look for food.
They range from 3 to 5mm in length but are visible to the naked eye.

Pharoah Ants

  • Prefers/ is more attracted to food with protein